Electric Hoist 2T(With Trolley)

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  1. Brand-Generic
  2. Model No.-VKLVKL 02-01(L)
  3. Capacity- 2 Ton
  4. Standard Lift- 3/6(M)
  5. Lifting Speed6.8mm
  6. Gross Weight114

ROBON Electric Hoist (With Trolley) designed for lifting & moving of heavy material with different weight capacity. It is an economic and maintenance free with international industrial parameters. Electric Hoist safely & easily lift any size of material. It’s operate by electric pendent box which gives us low cost effective handling solution. It is simple and safe in practical applications. Procure Robon Electric Hoist today and avail the best offers on your purchase as we believe to provide innovative and easy handling system to our customers.


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