Spring Balancer F2 9-15

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  • Brand-AAK Lift
  • Model No.-FZ 9-15
  • Minimum Capacity- 9 Kg
  • Maximum Capacity- 15 Kg
  • Material-Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Cable Length-1.5 – 2.8 Meter
  • Function-Hanging
  • Travel-1.5 Meter
  • Weight- 4.0Kg

ROBON Spring Balancer stable tension when the cable is pulled out or retracted. Spring balancers are used to suspend tools allowing workers to enjoy virtually effortless operation leading to less fatigue whilst maintaining clutter free work spaces and production lines with different weight capacity. It is widely used in factories, mines, construction areas, docks, and different warehouse conditions. It is the ideal tool for equipment installation, object lifting, object fixing, banding and towing, especially suitable for towing of random angle, and working in scanty place, open air and place with no power supply . Spring Balancer moved with minimum force . It is simple and safe in practical applications.


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